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NordeuropakartaNOAQ Flood Protection AB is a Swedish company, established with the aim of developing and selling flood protection on the global market. There is a big need for more efficient and faster protection than sandbags and earthen levees, and with the foreseen changes in climate the need will increase even further in the years to come.

The NOAQ Boxwall and the NOAQ Tubewall are our main products, light and mobile flood barriers that are easy to use and fast to deploy. Both are self-anchoring, which means they are entirely stabilized by the own weight of the flood water.

The NOAQ Flood Fighting System does not only contain the boxwall and the tubewall. Also other products and services are included, presented under Fact Sheets. More are on their way, with a view to offer a complete system of flood protection for different situations.

We are located in Näsviken, on the scenic Dellen lakes, just outside Hudiksvall, some 300 kilometers north of Stockholm. The easiest way to get here is to go by fast train from Stockholm or from Arlanda (Stockholm’s international airport). It takes just over two hours from Arlanda, and two and a half hours from Stockholm.



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Postal Address: Forssåvägen 13F
824 65 Näsviken
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