March 28, 2019 “Changing the game of flood fighting”

Self-anchoring mobile flood barriers may become real “gamechangers” in society’s response to flooding. This was the message in Sigurd Melin’s talk at the InterFLOOD Asia conference in Singapore in the end of March. Utilizing the NOAQ developed technique to let the own weight of the floodwaters anchor the barriers, the so-called “Bookend principle”, these can be made extremely light. And light barriers can be built up fast, with very little manpower. This means that almost everybody will be able to protect themselves and their property. Family members can protect their own house, the staff of a shop or a factory is able to protect their own company and the school children can save their own school. Those who were helpless victims in the past will become resources in future flood events. In the end we get a much more flood resilient society.

Read the entire speech here.

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