NOAQ Flood Fighting System

It is not very difficult to protect against floods, if you have the right stuff. In the past they had to use sandbags. Now there are modern mobile flood barriers that can be quickly deployed at risk of flooding, to then be removed again just as fast. Barriers which also can be reused.

The Boxwall and the Tubewall from NOAQ are two such mobile protective barriers. Both are designed so that they are automatically anchored by the own weight of the flood water. This way we have been able to make the actual barriers very light. They weigh less than 1% of the sandbags, but they are still 100% effective. A 50 cm high barrier weighs no more than 7 kg per running metre.

The barriers are so light and handy that they can be built up by ordinary people, those most closely affected. Employees can protect their own workplace, the students their own school, the family members their own home and the neighbors their own residential area. Still the emergency service and other society resources are needed, but they can instead concentrate on protecting roads, hospitals, pump stations etc. As well as help those who for various reasons cannot help themselves.

This way NOAQ’s flood barriers can contribute that more people can get involved and make a difference, and that society as a whole is better able to cope with a flood situation.

Our products are based on Swedish and international patents. They have been developed in cooperation with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and with users in different countries. They are now available in more than ten countries and more are being added continuously.



For those planning to purchase or procure mobile flood barriers we have put together a check list. Which criteria are relevant, and what requirements can be set? View the list here.

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