August 25, 2023 “Företagarna” visited NOAQ in Näsviken

Wednesday Swedish Federation of Business Owners’ (“Företagarna”) CEO Günther Mårder visited Hudiksvall to meet the local business community, and to participate in an entrepreneurs’ lunch arranged by the federation’s local branch and Hudiksvall’s municipality. After the lunch he also visited NOAQ in Näsviken, to see the company and to hand over a plaque to Sigurd Melin and Ann Blanche-Sahlqvist, recently named Entrepreneurs of the Year in Hudiksvall.

Representatives from Företagarna visiting NOAQ. From left Andreas Hallberg, Johanna Pettersson, Sigurd Melin, Hjördis Elinsdotter, Eva Cooper, Günther Mårder, Ann Blanche-Sahlqvist, Lars Fridh.


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