April 21, 2021 600 meters of NOAQ Boxwall to protect Zell am See airport


The Zell am See airport in Austria needed to protect itself from flooding, and turned to Grampelhuber GmbH, distributor of the Swedish NOAQ Flood Fighting System. Now 600 meters of the “NOAQ Boxwall” have been delivered to the airport, and the 22 cases containing the components are waiting   on the runway to be brought into a hangar for storage.

In the event of a flood the components are positioned in a row to then become assembled to form a one meter high flood barrier. The weight of the components is only 15 kg apiece, which means that the entire operation can be performed with manual labour only. The alternative, a 600 meter long sandbag barrier, would require in total approximately 100 000 sandbags, and take several days to deploy. The NOAQ Boxwall can be erected to protect the airport buildings in some few hours with a limited workforce.

Drift & Produktion Atellus AB