February 1, 2024 NOAQ welcomes two new reseller partnerships in Sweden

NOAQ Flood Protection AB, in Näsviken, Sweden, is growing and agrees new partnerships in Sweden with two strong resellers: InduSafe Supplies AB and PlastInject Watersystems AB.

InduSafe Supplies AB, with its expertise in spill and absorbent materials, looks forward to including NOAQ’s Flood Fighting System into their product range. “After closely following NOAQ’s exciting development, we are happy to welcome them as our new partners. We see their innovation products as a perfect complement to our existing range of consumables” – says Elias Prasiadas, co-owner of InduSafe Supplies AB.

PlastInject Watersystem AB, which belongs to the Lundahl & Wall group, focuses on stormwater management products. With applications in the purification and management of stormwater, they offer a wide range of heavy metal and particle separators and are the leader through its own product of stormwater cassettes.

“We warmly welcome InduSafe Supplies AB and PlastInject Watersystems AB as our certified resellers on the Swedish market. Their dedication and experience in their respective sectors will not only strengthen our market position, but also enable us to handle the increased need for our products which arose as a direct result of the recent floods around Sweden. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration and are convinced that their commitment will contribute to our joint success” – says Douglas Hellström, Sales Manager at NOAQ.

Through these strategic collaborations, we can increase the availability of our NOAQ Flood Fighting System and take another step towards our vision of creating a more flood-resilient society.

Photo on the left: Elias Prasiadis, co-owner of InduSafe AB
Photo on the right: PlastInject Watersystem’s two production facilities in Sweden.

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