November 8, 2023 Glysis under water again. And the Boxwall saved it again!

In August the ice-hockey arena Glysisvallen in Hudiksvall was saved from becoming flooded, using a Boxwall from NOAQ. Now it has happened again. Last weekend an unusually early snowfall was followed by an unusually heavy rainfall, and the combination had Swedish meteorology board SMHI issue a red alert flood warning for small watercourses in the south coastlands of Norrland. In Hudiksvall the Hornån river broke its banks, and like in August the water was aiming at the arena, which is located close to the river. So the property owner had to quickly build up a Boxwall to divert the watermasses.

– From yesterday until now, I would still say it went well, the barriers have held and no water that shouldn’t be there has entered the building, says Glysisvallen’s CEO Lars Stål in an interview Monday for the local newspaper Hudiksvalls Tidning.



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