October 26, 2022 NOAQ Flood Fighting System now in South Africa

South Africa has experienced severe flooding this year. In the spring, a large area around Durban in the eastern part of the country was hit by heavy downpours that led to widespread flooding, in which 448 people died and over 40,000 were displaced. It has been registered as one of the worst natural disasters in South Africa’s recent history. Now a South African entrepreneur has formed the company Flood Solutions to introduce the NOAQ Flood Fighting System to the country.

“Flood Solutions looks forward to its partnership with NOAQ in delivering NOAQ’s award-winning products to South Africa. Flood Solutions believes that South Africans would benefit from these products to protect their residences and businesses particularly in light of the increase in flooding occurrences in South Africa” – says Flood Solutions founder, Clinton Lodge.

For more information about Flood Solutions, visit their website here.

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