October 6, 2023 NOAQs founder, Sigurd Melin, invited as a key-note speaker at “SafeAttica” in Greece

– The new mobile flood barriers make it possible for many people to protect themselves, instead of just hoping for help from outside. By mobilizing those who were helpless victims in previous disasters, to become resources in the next one, means that we will get a more flood resilient society. We are in fact changing the game of flood fighting!

This was the final point when NOAQ CEO Sigurd Melin gave his presentation as one of the key-note speaker at the SafeAttica conference in Athens last week.

NOAQ was not only invited to hold a key-note lecture at the conference, but also to show their mobile flood barrier, the NOAQ Boxwall. Sweden’s ambassador to Greece, Mr Johan Borgstam, visited the conference together with the embassy’s first secretary, Ms Amanda Gudmundsson, and were able to check the product hands on. They met with the NOAQ team, including as well Ann Blanche-Sahlqvist, CFO, and Douglas Hellström, sales manager. They were also able to check the product hands on.

SafeAttica was one in a row of regional disaster protection conferences, organized by the organization SafeGreece.

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