February 13, 2017 NOAQ launch the “Boxpool”

NOAQ is now launching a new product, the Boxpool. It is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. It has been named Boxpool as it is a close relative to the Boxwall, our mobile flood barrier. A Boxpool is built up by the same components as the Boxwall, but instead of assembling them in a long row, they are connected to form a circle. Or whatever shape desired. The smallest Boxpool contains a little more than a cubic metre (35 cubic ft) while the biggest one can take 38 cubic metres (1,340 cubic ft). The Boxpool is primarily targeting the needs of the emergency services, for temporary disposal of contaminated water or hazardous liquids, but it can of course also be used as a temporary bathing pool, in any format.



Drift & Produktion Atellus AB