May 27, 2022 NOAQ sponsors Delsbo Electric


Tomorrow, Saturday 28 May, it’s time for this year’s edition of Delsbo Electric, a competition in which students from various universities and colleges decide who designed the most energy-efficient vehicle. The competition is therefore on rails, and take place on a part of Dellenbanan, a railway that also passes through Näsviken. The challenge is not only to win over the competitors, but also to beat the world record of 0.517 watt-hours per passenger kilometer, set during Delsbo Electric 2020.

Follow the competition live at

Delsbo Electric is arranged by Dellenbanans Vänner, an association that purposefully works to have the line refurbished and reopened for commercial train traffic. NOAQ wholeheartedly supports this work, among other things by sponsoring Delsbo Electric.

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