January 4, 2024 Reflecting on 2023 and anticipating the path ahead in 2024

The year 2023 has been a journey filled with achievements, successes, but also challenges, and we look forward to continuing this positive trend in the coming year.

During 2023, we have been able to share inspiring “success stories” from different corners of the world, to mention a few:
Flood Defense Group in the United States performed a spectacular rescue operation with temporary flood barriers from NOAQ, saving the flood-stricken Navajo village of Chinle in Arizona.
Danish Faaborg Rökeri Café stood strong against storm Babet by surrounding its entire building with a NOAQ boxwall.
Locally in Hudiksvall, Glysisvallen, the city’s sports arena, was saved twice during the year by diverting rising water from a nearby stream with the help of NOAQ boxwall, that the city has bought the previous year.

”We do still not know where this journey will end. When I made my first tubewall prototype back in 1993 after witnessing a flooding in Sweden where sandbags were used to stop the water, I had a feeling that this could become something big. At that time, there were no mobile flood barriers at all on the market and the very concept of “mobile flood barriers” was still unheard about. So, I had to try to develop a product on my own, together with some friends.
Now, 30 years later we note that there now is such an industry, consisting of a number of companies offering a variety of mobile flood barriers on the international market. This is not bad, it is stimulating. NOAQ has the ambition to be at the forefront of this development. Last year we proposed the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) to develop a specific standard for mobile flood barriers, and now we are heavily involved in such a project.” Sigurd Melin, CEO NOAQ Flood Protection AB.

We look forward to our continued work to create a more flood-resilient society by delivering mobile flood protection to the entire world.

Drift & Produktion Atellus AB