October 25, 2023 We are finalists for the 2023 Social Actor of the Year award in the Innovation category!

We are finalists for the 2023 Social Actor of the Year award in the Innovation category! The motivation reads as follows:

“For not only creating an innovative product but also addressing a critical aspect of disaster management. With their simple yet groundbreaking solution to an increasingly urgent problem with flooding, NOAQ Flood Protection contributes a vital solution to a growing global challenge.”

The Social Actor of the Year award is presented by Gullers Group in collaboration with Dagens Industri to an individual or organization that looks beyond personal gain, has a systemic impact, and a positive effect on societal development.

In a world that is unpredictable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, there are incredible opportunities for those who can navigate effectively. Gullers Group and Dagens Industri aim to highlight more individuals and organizations working to tackle challenges and positively impact society.

The Social Actor of the Year is an award presented by Gullers Group and Dagens Industri in three categories: Sustainability, Leadership, and Innovation—three areas that influence all organizations today but have special significance for social actors when combined with compelling narratives.

The Process:
The public nominates candidates for the Social Actor of the Year, and jury groups then select three finalists and a winner in each category. To be eligible for the award, a nominee must meet four overarching criteria:

1. HAS A SYSTEMIC IMPACT. A social actor has actively brought about change.
2. HAS ACHIEVED EFFECT. A social actor’s visions and ambitions have translated into actual, measurable effects.
3. DESIRES TO COMMUNICATE. A social actor does not operate in silence. There is a willingness to share knowledge and achieve an impact through communication.
4. LOOKS BEYOND SELF-INTEREST. A social actor wants to contribute to the public good beyond their own business, perhaps even at the expense of short-term gains.

For the Innovation award, the following additional criteria apply:
– The social actor’s ideas/offers have broken new ground in addressing societal issues or functions.
– The social actor’s actions have had disruptive effects on society.
– The social actor has influenced both public debate and people’s actual behaviors.

The winner will be announced on November 20th.

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