September 28, 2020 We are launching our new Boxwall BW102

After a year of development we are now launching our new product – the Boxwall BW102. Like our previous model, the BW52, the new flood barrier is self-anchoring. Each “box” in the new barrier is automatically ballasted by up to 1.2 tons of water, but weighs itself only 15 kg (34 lbs). As a comparison a single box replaces 144 sandbags a 18 kg (40 lbs) in an sandbag barrier of equal height. Thanks to the low weight and the easy handling it is now possible for anyone to protect their own house, their own company or their own school by building an own flood barrier. Most often the half meter (20″) high BW52 will be enough, but with the BW102 we are now also able to hold back one meter (40″) deep water.


Drift & Produktion Atellus AB