January 25, 2024 What do our customers say about NOAQ Boxwall?

Our certified distributor in Germany, Fritz Raschel Feuerschutz Gmbh, shared a quote from Andreas Hartwig, the Fire Chief for the city of Sonneberg, describing the recent deployment of NOAQ Boxwall as follows:

“This situation was about a pond that overflowed because it had reached its capacity, and the water threatened to flow into the town of Haselbach.

We decided on the Boxwall system, because an effort of this kind had been done before, with sandbags, and had then required a lot of time and personnel.

Thanks to the Boxwall, we were able to effectively reduce the deployment time by more than 70%, and also got a significantly simpler logistics. It allowed us to direct the water along the roadside and to a suitable stormwater well or watercourse.

During the floods in Christmas 2023, we used the system in other places in Sonneberg, where the result was also positive.

This system made our work much easier, and we have therefore purchased additional Boxwalls.”

Photo: Stadt Sonneberg

Translation: NOAQ Flood Protection AB

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