June 28, 2022 Corner Boxes Introduced for NOAQ Boxwall BW102

Now the higher NOAQ Boxwall, the BW102, has got its inward and outward corner boxes too. The corner boxes have the same standardized coupling mechanism as the straight boxes and can therefore be put together with each other in any combination. As a result, the taller Boxwall now has the same flexility as its older little sister, the BW52.

And in the same way as with the lower BW52, you can now also create meter-high temporary pools – or as we call them, “Boxpools”. With 12 inward corner boxes, you get a round Boxpool, but if you divide the circle and insert straight boxes, you can make it oblong or basically any shape or size required. Combined with a liner, the Boxpool can hold excess fire water, contaminated and hazardous liquids or dry material. In a final test before launch, such a Boxpool was assembled and filled with water.

“It is always really interesting and fun to see how such a light construction as a Boxwall can withstand the water pressure” – says Conny Löftsedt, product designer at NOAQ. Each of the 12 corner boxes weighs no more than 13 kilos, but in this Boxpool configuration they can hold in place no less than 9 tons of water.

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