noviembre 2, 2021 NOAQ Boxvall winner of the award “Quality Innovation Award 2021”

This is great news! We know that NOAQ Boxvall makes a difference for people and it is that knowledge that drives us forward. Becoming one of the winners of the “Quality Innovation Award 2021” is an honor.

The judges’ committee’s motivation: “NOAQ Boxvall is a unique innovation that can create great benefit for the rescue service and private individuals in the event of floods and storms. Given current climate change, this innovation should be of the utmost importance and be able to contribute to a high level of value creation in the event of accidents and natural disasters. By utilizing nature’s physical principles in a new way, this innovation contributes to significantly streamlining the construction of barriers in the event of floods and to dramatically make it easier for the staff who carry out such work.”

The Quality Innovation Award is an award that is presented each year to companies, organizations or individuals with innovations that have a clear connection to a conscious system in their work and a starting point from a clearly identified customer need. The award is a co-arrangement between quality institutes in several countries. Vinnova is SIQ’s partner in Sweden.

The Swedish award ceremony takes place at 14.00 on December 14 in Gothenburg.

octubre 15, 2021 First time at Flood Expo – the NOAQ Boxwall BW102

For the third time NOAQ participated in the Flood Expo in Birmingham. At last we were able to again meet distributors, customers and exhibitors in person. The interest for our flood fighting system is constantly growing, especially after the floods in Europe this summer.

A brand new 15 meter long Boxwall BW102 met the visitors in our stand, along with our classic model, the BW52, both of them developed by ourselves during the last 25 years. We received many comments about how simple it was to set up a NOAQ Boxwall. We also showed a NOAQ Boxpool – a temporary basin for collecting and containing hazardous liquids. A Boxpool is assembled by using the same boxwall components, but in a different way. With the “Spill Response Expo” in the same hall, many visitors showed a great interest in this fast and versatile technique to safely take care of all kinds of fluids.

Thank you from the NOAQ team to everyone who participated in the Flood Expo, visitors as well as exhibitors. And extra fun to meet in person with both our UK and Czech distributors.

julio 21, 2021 They made a canal of the street

Not only Germany and Belgium were hit by severe flooding recently. In the Austrian city of Kufstein a street was converted to a canal by erecting boxwalls on both sides. This way the water masses could easily be led past the buildings, and down to the river.


abril 21, 2021 600 meters of NOAQ Boxwall to protect Zell am See airport


The Zell am See airport in Austria needed to protect itself from flooding, and turned to Grampelhuber GmbH, distributor of the Swedish NOAQ Flood Fighting System. Now 600 meters of the “NOAQ Boxwall” have been delivered to the airport, and the 22 cases containing the components are waiting   on the runway to be brought into a hangar for storage.

In the event of a flood the components are positioned in a row to then become assembled to form a one meter high flood barrier. The weight of the components is only 15 kg apiece, which means that the entire operation can be performed with manual labour only. The alternative, a 600 meter long sandbag barrier, would require in total approximately 100 000 sandbags, and take several days to deploy. The NOAQ Boxwall can be erected to protect the airport buildings in some few hours with a limited workforce.

septiembre 28, 2020 We are launching our new Boxwall BW102

After a year of development we are now launching our new product – the Boxwall BW102. Like our previous model, the BW52, the new flood barrier is self-anchoring. Each “box” in the new barrier is automatically ballasted by up to 1.2 tons of water, but weighs itself only 15 kg (34 lbs). As a comparison a single box replaces 144 sandbags a 18 kg (40 lbs) in an sandbag barrier of equal height. Thanks to the low weight and the easy handling it is now possible for anyone to protect their own house, their own company or their own school by building an own flood barrier. Most often the half meter (20″) high BW52 will be enough, but with the BW102 we are now also able to hold back one meter (40″) deep water.


marzo 26, 2020 Gables for the NOAQ Boxwall

The NOAQ Boxwall is not only a simple mobile flood barrier – it is an entire system. Now we release a couple of new components, gables. The gables are connected to the outer ends of the barrier, which makes it easier to attach a boxwall against a building façade. By connecting a right hand gable to a left hand gable we also made it possible for a box wall to climb kerb stones or other vertical steps.

febrero 23, 2020 “We have 3,000 meters of flood barrier in our stock in Ljungby”

– We can contribute to the flood fighting efforts, says Thomas Brunzell, sales manager at NOAQ Flood Protection AB, as the flooding in west Sweden worsens. We have some 3,000 meters of NOAQ Boxwall in our stock in Ljungby, for immediate delivery.

The NOAQ Boxwall is a temporary flood barrier that can be built up by anybody, in a very short time and without any certain skills. Two persons can erect 100 meters in less than half an hour. Please visit our web site for more information, user instructions etc.

Contact us on +46 650 30140 or +46 72 2478380.


septiembre 20, 2019 NOAQ International Distributors’ Meeting

In mid September a number of NOAQ distributors gathered in Hudiksvall for a two days distributors’ meeting. We used the opportunity to take them out on the scenic Dellen lakes to row a traditional church boat. Sitting in the same boat, trying to keep the same pace – this is the ultimate team building activity!

septiembre 9, 2019 A one meter high Boxwall

Even when large areas are flooded water depths are usually relatively moderate. This means a 50 cm high barrier, like the NOAQ Boxwall BW52, is most often sufficient. But not always. At some places a higher barrier is required. The NOAQ Tubewall TW100 is then an option, but we have now decided to also develop the Boxwall system for that same height. The new one meter high Boxwall “BW102” will preliminary be launched in March 2020.

Here is a presentation of the new product.

marzo 28, 2019 “Changing the game of flood fighting”

Self-anchoring mobile flood barriers may become real “gamechangers” in society’s response to flooding. This was the message in Sigurd Melin’s talk at the InterFLOOD Asia conference in Singapore in the end of March. Utilizing the NOAQ developed technique to let the own weight of the floodwaters anchor the barriers, the so-called “Bookend principle”, these can be made extremely light. And light barriers can be built up fast, with very little manpower. This means that almost everybody will be able to protect themselves and their property. Family members can protect their own house, the staff of a shop or a factory is able to protect their own company and the school children can save their own school. Those who were helpless victims in the past will become resources in future flood events. In the end we get a much more flood resilient society.

Read the entire speech here.

marzo 20, 2019 Record Boxwall order from Taiwan

NOAQ’s Taiwan distributor ProYang has won a procurement of temporary flood barriers. It is the Yunlin county that has seen the possibility of using the NOAQ Boxwall against the floods that often follow in the wake of the typhoons that each year strike the country.

The order of just over 4 kilometers is the single largest in the company’s history.

However, Yunlin is only one of several counties with the same problem, so we expect that this order will be followed by more ones, says NOAQ’s CEO Sigurd Melin.

enero 19, 2019 Visit us at InterFLOOD Asia in Singapore

NOAQ is participating in InterFLOOD Asia in Singapore on 27 – 28 March. Welcome to our booth to see the new Boxwall BW52 and to discuss how to protect oneself from flooding using mobile flood barriers. More info about the trade fair at

octubre 15, 2018 Meet Thomas Brunzell, our new International Sales Manager

NOAQ is now growing fast. Sales are increasing and the number of distributors has doubled during the last 12 months. NOAQ is now represented in more than 30 countries.

We have therefore recruited an International Sales Manager, Thomas Brunzell from Hudiksvall. Thomas comes directly from a corresponding position in Senseair AB in nearby Delsbo.

octubre 8, 2018 Our new Boxwall is here – BW52

The development of our new Boxwall model BW52 is now finished, and the product is ready for delivery. The new box is built on the design of the current box BW50, and has the same damming capacity as that one, but there are a number of differences. Most obvious is that the new box is 44% longer than the old one, 90 cm instead of 62. This means that fewer boxes are needed to make a flood barrier, and that the speed of deployment increases. The BW52 is fully compatible with the BW50, which means our customers can continue to build on the same system. With the introduction of the new box we also get a much higher production capacity, something that is very important because of the rapidly growing sales.

octubre 1, 2018 Six new countries

New NOAQ distributors are added continuously. During the latest months we have signed distribution agreements with companies in China, South Korea, Holland, Czech Republic, Georgia and Mauritius. This means NOAQ is now represented in 30 countries.

marzo 12, 2018 Back in Germany, back in Canada

NOAQ is back in Germany and Canada, but represented by new distributors. In Germany Fritz Raschel Feuerschutz GmbH, a company specialized in products for the emergency services, in Canada it is a brand new company. Wayne Fernandes needed to protect his own home and found NOAQ’s products on the web. When he realised we had no Canadian distributor he registered a new company, DAM-IT Canada, and now it is up running.

enero 23, 2018 … and Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Trinidad

During the latest months NOAQ has signed distribution agreements with three more companies, covering five markets, Thai Wiring for Thailand and Cambodia, Zaxco for Malaysia and Singapore and Prescience Consulting for Trinidad och Tobago. Now the NOAQ products can be found in 25 countries.

octubre 27, 2017 … plus Turkey, Hong Kong and Spain.

NOAQ has now signed agreements with three more distributors, Yena Celik for Turkey, Aten (HK) for Hong Kong and Rescate y Emergencia (REMER) for Spain. All distributors and their contact information can be found under Distributors.

septiembre 5, 2017 Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Chile…

The spreading of the boxwall video on Internet during the summer has lead to an enormous interest for the NOAQ products. Requests for distribution has come from all over the world, and agreements have so far been signed with four companies, Growag in Switzerland, Ignidon in Belgium, Drammen Flomsikring in Norway and Sitrol in Chile.

agosto 29, 2017 Millions have seen NOAQ’s boxwall video

A video showing how a NOAQ Boxwall can be used to divert water torrents in flash floods has spread virally on the Internet. It was published in May by NOAQ’s Australian distributor Bluemont and has since appeared in a number of new versions. One of them can be seen here. It has now been viewed more than 20 million times.

mayo 23, 2017 A Boxpool in Linköping

Now the new NOAQ Boxpool has been introduced to the Swedish fire chiefs, at the conference Brand 2017 in Linköping (“Brand” is Swedish for “Fire”). There was good interest and hopefully most Swedish fire services will get it. The Boxpool is in fact a vessel for the temporary containment of all kinds of liquids, but if you need to defend yourself against flooding the building material can be used for this purpose as well. The components for a 38 cubic metre boxpool can instead be assembled to form a 40 metre long temporary flood barrier.

abril 25, 2017 NOAQ to exhibit at “Brand 2017”

NOAQ will participate in the conference “Brand 2017” in Linköping, Sweden, on 16 – 18 May. We will exhibit our two sibling products, the Boxwall and the Boxpool. Welcome to visit our stand!

abril 20, 2017 Purchasing mobile flood barriers – some advice

For those planning to purchase or procure mobile flood barriers we have put together a check list. Which criteria are relevant, and what requirements can be set? View the list here.

febrero 13, 2017 NOAQ launch the “Boxpool”

NOAQ is now launching a new product, the Boxpool. It is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. It has been named Boxpool as it is a close relative to the Boxwall, our mobile flood barrier. A Boxpool is built up by the same components as the Boxwall, but instead of assembling them in a long row, they are connected to form a circle. Or whatever shape desired. The smallest Boxpool contains a little more than a cubic metre (35 cubic ft) while the biggest one can take 38 cubic metres (1,340 cubic ft). The Boxpool is primarily targeting the needs of the emergency services, for temporary disposal of contaminated water or hazardous liquids, but it can of course also be used as a temporary bathing pool, in any format.



febrero 9, 2017 Flood Resolutions become distributor in USA

Flood Resolutions LLC in Boise, Idaho, becomes NOAQ distributor in USA.

– We are extremely excited about the NOAQ product line! says Keith Anderson with Flood Resolutions. For starters, there is no product on the market like the Boxwall product. We are so excited about the ability to offer a flood barrier that can redirect water while it is moving without having to deal with fill material whether it be water or soil. That is an amazing product!

– Additionally, the simplicity and ease of constructing the Tubewall product make it one of the simplest and most economical products on the market! We are very excited to represent the NOAQ product line.

enero 9, 2017 The Boxwall came into use immediately

The 300 meter of Boxvall bought in December by the Danish fishing village of Reersø came into use immediately when a winter storm unexpectedly struck Denmark and southern Sweden. The purpose of the barrier is to secure the road to the village from storm surges. At the same time NOAQs Danish reseller Dansk Fugtstop was busy protecting a newly built villa in Solrød south of Copenhagen with Tubewalls and Boxwalls.

– We have so far almost exclusively exported our products, says Sigurd Melin on NOAQ, but after the flooding problems in southern Sweden it may be time to market our products also at home.


Photo: Jens Nielsen, TV-Kalundborg

diciembre 26, 2016 500 boxes on their way to Denmark

Here comes 300 metres of boxwall on their way to Reersø in Denmark. Normally the boxes are delivered on pallets, but as manufacturing take place in the southernmost part of Sweden our Danish distributor Dansk Fugtstop decided to go to the factory himself and bring back all 500 boxes on a giant trailer.


diciembre 2, 2016 Boxwalls to protect Sainsbury’s supermarkets

NOAQ’s British distributor Flood Control International has got an order for a little more than 900 meter of boxwall from the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. The boxes will be stored on different locations all over the country, to quickly be brought to shops when there is an imminent risk of flooding.

noviembre 16, 2016 ATECA becomes distributor in Slovakia

NOAQ has signed a distributorship agreement with Bratislava based ATECA. ATECA sells products for fire protection and rescue services and is representing a number of well known brands like Bauer, Lukas, Vetter and Flir. Read more on the company’s web site

septiembre 13, 2016 550 meters of flood barriers to Trento

NOAQ has delivered 550 meters of flood barriers to Italy. It is the new university library in Trento that shall be protected against future flooding with a combination of tubewall and boxwall.


septiembre 8, 2016 Sunny Reseller Meeting

We have now had our second international Reseller Meeting, with representatives from Britain, Ireland, Denmark, Italy and Austria. In sunny and warm late summer weather, with no risk of flooding.

Group photo

agosto 2, 2016 Another corner box – for outward corners


We are now launching a corner box for outward corners, as a complement to the inward corner box we introduced in spring. All our boxes fit one another, and with the right combination of outward, inward and straight boxes a continuous boxwall can be drawn through areas where the space is limited by obstacles like poles, walls and trees. The new outward corner box also makes it easier to encircle and protect small objects. Each corner box provides an angle of 30°, so by connecting 12 corner boxes, plus a number of straight ones, an area of any size and form can be protected.

mayo 27, 2016 Welcome Vikoma

NOAQ has signed a distributorship agreement with Vikoma International for the British market. This means we have now two UK distributors.

Vikoma has been manufacturing and supplying booms and oil spill equipment for nearly 50 years.

– Our focus has been on the oil spill market, however booms are multipurpose and have been used for many applications including flood, jelly fish protection and debris, says MD Karen Lucas.

– We are pleased to partner with NOAQ as distributor for their flood defense products which complement the Vikoma solutions.

– We select our business partners very carefully and are confident that NOAQ and Vikoma share common values and our commitment to quality, innovation and reliability, she says.

Vikoma has also been given the right to distribute NOAQ’s products on the Hungarian market.

mayo 18, 2016 Boxwall demonstration in Australia

NOAQ’s Australian distributor Bluemont showed a NOAQ boxwall at the 56th Floodplain Management Australia Conference in Nowra, NSW. They demonstrated the boxwall’s ability to divert fast flowing water in a flash flood.


abril 22, 2016 The Boxwall exposed in Taiwan

At the Fire & Safety Trade Fair in Taipei 19-21 April NOAQ’s products were shown for the first time for a wider Taiwanese public. The interest was high as Taiwan is a country where hurricanes from the Pacific Ocean cause recurrent flooding.


abril 11, 2016 New corner box for the Boxwall

NOAQ has developed a corner component for the Boxwall system – i.e. a “corner box”. It has been given a 30° angle and is intended for inward corners. To create a 90° angle three corner boxes are connected in a row. 12 corner boxes make a circle, which can be used to create a small pool.

febrero 25, 2016 Our new website is online

Now our new website is up running. With responsive technology it adapts to any screen type or size. New colors and new design, but the same products. We also introduced the company on Facebook. Welcome to like us, follow us and share our postings with others!

diciembre 29, 2015 NOAQ takes over Sweden

From 1 January NOAQ take over the Swedish domestic market from previous reseller Saveco, as the distributorship agreement runs out.

– We want to have a direct contact with the wet reality, says CEO Sigurd Melin, and by taking care of the Swedish customers ourselves, and solve their problems, we will also get a feedback that will help us in our development work. The export sales, accounting for more than 95% of our turnover, is made through national distributors, which means we most often do not have the opportunity to have a direct contact with the end users.

diciembre 18, 2015 Time for Slovenia och Croatia

Slovenian TIERA/Vodastop becomes distributor för NOAQ in Slovenia and Croatia. The area suffers from recurrent flood problems, especially along the river Sava, which runs through both countries..

diciembre 8, 2015 Flood Control International new distributor for UK

NOAQ has signed a distributorship agreement for the British market with Flood Control International in Tavistock, Devon. Flood Control International are already big in ”demountable” flood barriers, but will now be able to widen their portfolio to also include the best ”freestanding” flood barriers, the tubewall and the boxwall from NOAQ.

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